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Barrier Film


(4″x6″) 1200pcs

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Barrier Film


  • 100% new and high quality Medical Grade PVC Plastic
  • This barrier film is made for all kinds of infection control purposes.
  • The pallet is Waterproof film wrapped
  • Applicable to almost any surface without leaving any residue and dust-proof.
  • Convenient dispensing
  • It’s easy to use for any purpose and also remove
  • Fully Adhesive free after removal
  • User-Friendly Design

Product Details

Size: (10cm x 15cm) (4″x6″) 1200pcs
Material: Medical Grade PVC Plastic
Code: JA-02018
Color: Transparent, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Purple, Black

Other color depends on customer request

Type : Stick edges or nonstick edges

Packing : Type 1-  without box and plastic base 

package : Type 2- with Box and Plastic Base 

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