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Cotton Roll


4 Different Sizes  Product

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Cotton Roll


It are often used for facial, nail, skin care applications, swabs, padding, leg wraps and lots of other uses. the very best quality cotton rolls available for applications where absorbency, flexibility, cleanliness, softness and a coffee price are key requirements.

1. 0.8cm x 3.8cm (.315” x 1-1/2” ) Small   1000pcs(300g) /bag

2. 1.0cm x 3.8cm (.375” x 1-1/2”) Medium  1000pcs(400g) /bag

3. 1.0cm x 3.8cm (.375” x 1-1/2”) Medium   1000Pcs(700g) /bag

4. 1.2cm x 3.8cm (.472” x 1-1/2”) Big    2000pcs(800g) /box

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Weight 1000 kg

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