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Diamond Burs

Diamond Burs


  • Handle Made with high-grade stainless steel, high strength, no rusty
  • It could be disinfected under high pressure & high temperature cause its material is stainless steel.
  • Grinding head made with diamond powder (natural ). it’s high hardness & wears resistance
  •  Mainly It’s Using for teeth grinding on dental clinic

Product Details

Materials: Stainless Steel & diamond powder (natural)

Size: Standard Unified ISO Size

Type Specifications: There are 271 types to meet the market demands.
dental bur Specifications:
TF/Taper Flat End 
TR/Taper Round End
TC/Taper Conical End
SF/Straight Flat End
SR/Straight Tound End
S I/Single Inverted Cone
BC/Ball Collar Type
DI/Double Inverted Cone
FO/Flame Ogival End
WR/Wheel Round Edge
CR/CR Inaly Preparation Dia-Burs
BR/Ball Round Type


We have all Type: FG, RA/CA And HP ( Diamond and Carbide )

Color: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow 


Dental diamond burs Use in dental surgeries for the Preparation of cavities.
Preparation For fillings and Preparation of crowns

Other fields also can use as:
Nail Beauty Polish, Glass drill,  diamond drill, 

jewelry engraving And carving

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